Understand 5 Effective Methods to Beat Cell Phone Addiction

Nowadays everyone has a phone in their hands which means that everyone is carrying the world’s information in their hands. We watch social media on our phones especially when we use tiktok we scroll through endless videos which burns our time.

The most obvious of the many harms is that we use the phone for too long and it makes us not focus on our personal thoughts. If we use the phone for a long time, we will have sleep problems which can lead to mental illness.

We always go to social media with all the problems and then our minds remain dependent and our minds can’t create anything. the mental fatigue we have created makes us tired of following our normal lives legally. It always makes us not believe in ourselves in what we do and we are going to solve everything we are asked by calling.

Some people hold the phone and talk for 3 hours for no reason.

Everyone we know and love uses their phones for their own purposes. We should use our phones for our purposes but it is not right to waste our time turning on our phones for no reason. So the solution to solve this problem is as follows.

Phones have advantages and disadvantages

Solution 1: know your reasons

The first is to know your reasons. It is more helpful to know your reasons before you start something. If you don’t know the reason for using the phone, there will be a short-term change. If you don’t know why you’re using it, the phone you’re using is a disadvantage and they’re taking your time. If you know the reason you are using the phone, we can make an unpredictable difference in 40 days.

We can easily learn a language you didn’t know before by calling in 40 days. If you waste 3 times a day on your phone, you will be wasting 1100 times a year which means you are wasting 45 phone calls. Therefore, before using our buy gone phone, we need to know the reason for using it.

Solution 2: remove notification

When our phone is connected to the internet, all social media notifications will be dulled on the side of your phone and this time it will prevent you from focusing on what you are doing. Notifications will notify you of your phone history because it can cause you to skip what you’re doing and go to the notification. Example of things you don’t think about in terms of facebook if you get a notification you can easily forget what you are doing and log in to facebook so remove the notification from your phone.

Solution 3: Identify the date you do not use it

This means you should turn off your phone one day a week. When you do this, you will turn off all social media. Staying away from your phone and doing other things is keeping your mind busy. When we do this it helps us to determine how much our mind is focused on what it is doing. After turning off our phones, we should spend it walking, praying, reading books, doing sports, swimming, talking to people and doing things like that. Remember we should never respect the day we decided to turn off our phones this decision will help us with more self confidence.

Solution 4: Keep your phone away from your bed

We implemented all the solutions we wrote in 1-3 but if we sleep with our phones by the bed, it is wrong. The reason we mentioned that our phone is close to us is that we will inevitably use it. So we should keep the phone away from the bedroom. We should also place our phone charger space away from the bedroom when doing this the chances of our phone being used while sleeping are very low and it helps us to be free from phone suits.

Solution 5: determine when to use it

Deciding when to use our phone and using it to focus on our phone will help us to use our time in a better way. Many people open the TV at the same time when they open their phone and also use it to eat food in their own language. Some people click the phone while using the phone to talk to other people. Some of it causes us a lot of problems and makes us spend a lot of time on our phones without thinking about it. It keeps us from focusing on what he is doing. Therefore, we need to decide when to use the phone and focus only on what is working on our phone.


The biggest problems we are facing in our generation right now is the problem of slow phone calls. The problem with phone call sushi is that it is causing us to focus gone on what it is doing and we can get out of this problem by following all the short formats written in 1-5 We should use our phones to solve problems, not to get into trouble with the suit we hold on to it. Overall, we think it will help us to get out of the problem of phone suspension and we think you will benefit a lot from the above article.

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