How to Free Crypto earning App in 2024

Crypto wallet app to earn NODL token online, make easy money & get quick rewards

Nodle is a free app for earning cryptocurrency on your smartphone. All you need to start earning is to install the app and enable Bluetooth and location sharing in the phone settings to join the Nodle network.

Once you do this, your phone becomes a “node” of the network that helps transmit data from Bluetooth devices around you. The collected information is then sent back to the owner of the Bluetooth device.

The Nodle app brings an innovative solution that enables anyone to participate in the Nodle network to earn cryptos. Moreover, it is designed beautifully to run at all times in the background without impacting the user experience.

It helps you earn NODL tokens without additional knowledge or equipment. Most importantly, there is no need to buy expensive hardware to generate tokens, unlike Bitcoin mining or other cryptocurrencies. Become a node by participating in the network, and earn rewards in return.

Key Features Of Nodle App

  1. Earn NODL:
    The Nodle app lets you earn NODL tokens daily without doing almost anything. All you need to get rewards is to keep the app running. The more time you stay online, the more rewards you get.
  2. Track Your Rewards:
    Easily track and analyse your rewards in the app. Make sure you maximizing your earnings and getting as much value as possible.
  3. Collect NFTs:
    Participate in crypto conferences to get commemorative NFTs. Follow our social media, be the first to know about NFT drops and get your unique NFTs.
  4. Exchange Your Tokens:
    NODL tokens are traded on top crypto exchanges. You can easily sell your tokens or exchange them for other cryptos. There are no limits on the amount of NODL earned. You can do it anytime, whenever you want.
  5. Transfer NODL Tokens:
    The Nodle app allows you to receive and send NODL to your friends. The bigger the Nodle Network, the more powerful it is. Invite your friends and nodle together.
  6. Learn About Crypto With Us:
    Are you new to the crypto world? We will help you extend and deepen your knowledge about crypto, blockchain and the Nodle network.

Protect Your Privacy With Nodle App
We always care about your privacy. The location of your device is only used to compute your rewards based on your contribution to network coverage and locate Bluetooth devices at the request of their owners.

The location is never used for any other purpose, shared or sold. You don’t need to registerg with your email and provide your personal information to use the app. All you need to do is create a wallet, which is totally anonymous.

Impact On Your Smartphone
The Nodle app has been optimized to use minimal CPU and is extremely power efficient.

Your smartphone uses Bluetooth Low Energy, limiting the impact on your smartphone’s battery. As a result, the average consumption for normal usage should be between 1 to 3% every 24h.
The app is very data mobile-friendly.

The amount of data transmitted is small. You can force the app to use only WiFi to send the data collected to the cloud.

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